The National Honor Society Winter Carnival Food Drive


The National Honors Society Winter Carnival Food Drive is in full swing! Already, we have delivered a load of food to the Piermont and Topsham Food Shelves and are wrapping up this week’s drive, headed to the Newbury Food Shelf. Next week, we will be collecting food for to the Bradford Food Shelf.

We are asking for specific items that are in high demand at the food shelves this year. These items are ALSO worth more points towards Winter Carnival games! Items include:

– brown rice
– whole grain pasta (no ramen, please)
– 100% fruit juice
– applesauce
– baby formula
– peanut butter
– hearty canned stews
– granola bars

Thanks to all who have contributed so far, and to those who haven’t, there is still time!

Let the games commence!