Senior Presidential Campaign 2018

Senior Presidential Campaign 2018

Mr. Chobanian’s American Government class was assigned to do their own presidential campaigns. There were different roles for the students to choose from: the presidential candidate, speech writers, campaign advertisement creator, negative campaign advertisement creator, party activists, campaign poster creator and lobbyist.
Each of the classes were assigned these same roles and were to campaign against the other half of the class.
Students and faculty from around the building were invited into the election and listened to each presidents speech, designed to be similar to the primary election, then they took a vote!

Izzy Yelle, Jacob Giesing and Calvin Cook! Congrats to all winners!!!

Jacob and Calvin will move on based on the percentage they won by. The general election will take place during callback one this coming Tuesday (12/11) in the auditorium. It will consist of speeches, political advertisements, and a question and answer-type debate with the audience!

Here are some photos from one of the campaigns today!

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