Oxbow Community Day A Success!

Students and staff at Oxbow High School took to the Wrights Mountain trails, libraries, schools and other area locations in celebration of the 2nd Annual Community Day this past Thursday.

The event originated last year with Oxbow music teacher Cindy Hall and Family and Consumer Science teacher Wendy Mackenzie, who wanted to create a day for students to engage in civic life by enhancing favorite local destinations including Wrights Mountain and Elizabeth’s Park. Hall, beaming about the outcome of this year’s event said, “Wow – our second annual Oxbow Community Day was just as much a success as last year’s – if not more!”

The group of over 350 volunteers spanned across additional locations this year to include the Oasis Assisted Living Community, Valley Cooperative Preschool, Newbury Common, Tenney and Bradford Libraries and the Montebello trail in Newbury among others.

Oxbow School Board member Adam Lornitzo, who volunteered at the Valley Cooperative Preschool was proud of the students’ work, ” Oxbow did an awesome job today! We were able to clean out the garage, put down a new load of staymat on the bike path and driveway, as well as mow the yard and rake leaves.”

It was not only a day for enhancing the local environment, but also furthering community bonds. Oxbow students partnered with the Bradford Conservation Commission to blaze Ernie’s trail and dig water bars on the Wrights Mountain trail. Other student groups helped to organize projects at Newbury and Bradford Elementary schools. Neighboring River Bend Technical Center provided volunteer and equipment support.

At the end of the work day, volunteers celebrated with a BBQ lunch made with the help of students, including 300 homemade ice cream sandwiches. Between bites there was excitement about looking forward to next year’s Community Day.