Thank You Voters!

We are very excited that our budget and bond passed in March and want to thank the voters of Bradford and Newbury for their support.  We are in the process of getting bids for school improvements to the auditorium, gymnasium and locker rooms, and outdoor track area.  In academics we are preparing for new course offerings. Theses are all improvements that will directly affect our students.

Oxbow Track and Field Results

Men’s Team Scores

1. St. Johnsbury, 241.5

2. U32, 128

3. Oxbow, 50.5

4. Rivendell, 38

5. Spaulding, 30

6. Lake Region, 12

7. Hazen, 10

Women’s Team Scores

1. St. Johnsbury, 252
2. U32, 132
3. Oxbow, 77
4. Spaulding, 26
5. Lake Region, 19
6. Hazen, 1

Men’s Individual Results
100 Meter Dash: 1st, Owen Pelletier (Sr), Rivendell, 11.40
                            2nd, Jarret Rock (Jr), 12.00
                            10th, Brennan Kimball (Jr), 12.80
                            26th, Kyle Emerson (So), 14.00
                            29th, Sam McIntire (Fr), 17.10
200 Meter Dash: 1st, Jarret Rock, 24.60
                            6th, Brennan Kimball, 12.80
                            11th, Bryceson Craig (Jr), 26.70
                            25th, Kyle Emerson, 29.90
800 Meter Run: 3rd, Tim Hodges (Jr), 2:15.30
                          10th, Willy Moreno (Sr), 2:27.00
1500 Meter Run: 5th, Keelan Durham (So), 4:36.00 (New School Record)
3000 Meter Run; 11th, Willy Moreno, 11:08.00
110 Hurdles: 6th, Tim Hodges, 19.90
                     8th, Kyle Emerson, 20.30
300 Meter Hurdles: 8th, Keelan Durham, 50.10
                                9th, Kyle Emerson, 52.40
4 x 400 Meter Relay: 7th; Bryceson Craig, William Douglas (Jr), Willy Moreno, and
                                  Keelan Durham; 4:21.00
4 x 800 Meter Relay: 2nd; Bryceson Craig, Willy Moreno, William Douglas, Tim
                                  Hodges; 9:55.80
Shot Put: 2nd, Calvin Cook (Jr), 37-10.50
               12th, Sam McIntire, 28-05.50
Javelin: 5th, Jarret Rock, 119-00
             16th, Calvin Cook, 76-05
              19th, Sam McIntire, 62-03
High Jump: 1st, Owen Pelletier, Rivendell, 6-00
                    5th, Tim Hodges, 5-02
                    8th, Keelan Durham, 4-10
Long Jump: 1st, Owen Pelletier, Rivendell, 20-04
                    4th, Jarret Rock, 17-09

Women’s Individual Results
100 Meter Run: 4th, Emily Carson (Sr), 14.30
                          22nd, Micheala LaCount (So), 16.30
                          23rd, Abby Bartlett (Fr), 17.50
200 Meter Run: 4th, Tyrus Rosten (Jr), 29.80
                          27th, Abby Bartlett, 37.20
400 Meter Run: 1st, Hannah Giesing (Sr), 1:01.70
                          18th, Abby Bartlett, 1:20.90
800 Meter Run: 1st, Izzy Giesing (Sr), 2:21.00
1500 Meter Run: 1st, Izzy Giesing, 5:11.00
100 Meter Hurdles: 4th, Emily Carson, 18.00
300 Meter Hurdles: 5th, Tyrus Rosten, 55.10
4 x 400 Meter Relay: 1st; Tyrus Rosten, Hannah Giesing, Abby Bartlett, Izzy
                                   Giesing; 4:37.90
Shot Put: 2nd, Kelly Daigle (Fr), 35-03.50 (New School Record)
                7th, Lana Wood (So), 24-07
                8th, Danielle Gordon (Sr), 24-06
                10th, Lorr Rosten, 23-04
                17th, Summer Paye (So), 18-02
                19th, Micheala LaCount, 17-04.50
Javelin: 4th, Hannah Giesing, 88-00
             6th, Kelly Daigle, 73-07
             9th, Danielle Gordon, 60-01.50
             14th, Lana Wood, 47-05
             15th, Lorr Rosten, 46-08
             20th, Summer Paye, 28-01
Pole Vault: 7th, Tyrus Rosten, 5-00
Long Jump: 5th, Hannah Giesing, 14-01
Triple Jump: 2nd, Izzy Giesing, 32-11.50

Oxbow Attends Vermont Day at the Kennedy Institute

On Tuesday, March 27th Mr. Chobanian’s American Government and Politics Dual Enrollment class, alongwith a few others, attended Vermont Day at the Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate in Boston MA. Vermont U.S. Senators have made appearances on this day in the past. The students participated in immersion modules, working with other schools, and debating current legislation and events. Oxbow received a grant from Senator Sanders’ office for free admission. Participants were (l to r) Melanie Sidney, Jessica Daigle, William Moreno, Tessa Brayton   ,Dayna Fisk, Erika Slicer, Adrianna Blair, Faith Hilder, Mr. Chobabian, Hannah Giesing, Izzy Giesing, Danielle Gordon, Jasmine Roden, Ian McKnelly, Lincoln Ilsley.


On May 19, Oxbow will host a “Snapshot in Time” prom at Dowds Inn in Lyme, New Hampshire. This year’s prom committee is looking for old prom pictures from Oxbow alumni to use as decorations.

Please send your old prom pictures to or post them on the Oxbow Website. 

Monday, April 23

Student Council will not meet this Wednesday. Instead, the building improvement committee will meet Wednesday second callback/second lunch in B-8. That’s Lara Jones, Leia White, Tyrus Rosten, Meg Hebb, and Lillian Bartlett, Zoe Barton.
Attention Junior & Seniors. Prom tickets are on sale from now until the end of April.
Please see Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Gardner to purchase yours today.

New Posting – MS Baseball and MS Softball Coaching Positions

Are you interested in coaching MS baseball or Softball?!

Apply now by clicking on the link below!  – Baseball – Softball


Up, Up and Away!


Oxbow’s 8th grade science students demonstrate the relationship between temperature, volume and pressure with several successful launches of the tissue paper hot-air balloons they created.

Oxbow Students Commemorate Those Lost to School Violence

In a brief ceremony on March 14, students gathered at the flagpole at 10:00 a.m. to light 17 candles and maintain 17 minutes of silence in honor of all students who have been victims of violence in U.S. schools, including the 17 recently killed in Florida.

Fire & EMS Exploring Open House

There will be an informational open house at 7:00 p.m. on March 22 for any students interested in joining the Fire & EMS Exploring group.


For more information, contact Chief Wayne Knott, Groton Fire Department, at 802-584-3243.


Check out the wide world of Exploring at .

Calling All Poets!