23 Oxbow students and 3 staff members traveled to Spain, they will be spending three weeks in Madrid. Here are some photos to start off the trip.
Our first day out!Los hermanos!On the plane!
Our first day revealed that this trip will prove to be much more than we had ever imagined. We started with breakfast prepared in the homey cafetería of the school. The chefs there, a married couple that gives you the good vibes grandparent feel, made for us churros, cakes, and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then onward to the ayuntamiento where we were welcomed by the mayor to our new home Villanueva del Pardillo. The afternoon was spent touring the city of Madrid with our hosts and getting to know the public transportation system. We’re quickly finding that this trip is teaching us not just the differences between the countries and languages but also much about city and country life. An eye opener in so many ways us.