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School Board

Adam Lornitzo, Chair (Bradford) Barbara Briggs (Newbury) William Ellithorpe (Newbury)
John Brochu (Bradford) Maarteen Smit (Newbury) Pat Dwyer (Bradford)


Wheeler, Jean
Burleson, Dawn
(Admin. Assistant, Principal Office)
Cipriano, Derek (Athletic and Extra-Curriculum Director) Terry Cromack
(Facilities Director)
Nichols, Laura
(Special Education)
Darby, Vickie
Smith, Sherri
Shea, Phyllis
Dutilly, Steve
Longmoore, Steve

Student Services (Guidance, College and Career Counseling, Behavioral Support)

Chobanian, Katherine
(M.S. Counselor)
Garone, Kathy
(H.S. Counselor)
Richardson, Lomond
(Guidance Coord. &

H.S Counselor)

Wozny, Robin (Behavior Coach)


Arendsee, Ben
Harkay, Sharon
Madan, Matthew
Pogacar, Ted
Calley, Hannah           (Art) Eastman, Hayle
(Health/Phys. Ed.)
Emerson, Barry
(Health/Phys. Ed.)
French, Shawn
(Phys. Ed.)
Hall, Cindy
Bruckner, Carolyn
Gardner, Laura
Lemay, Dan
Sutherland, Marsha


Carson, Vicky
Jones, Lisa
Johnson, Brian


Valley, Patti
Webster, Jerry

(Special Education)

Chobanian, Andrew
(Social Studies)
Gieselman, Valerie    (Social Studies) Pond, Betsy
(Social Studies)
Willems, Emily
(Social Studies)
Gallant, Ramona
(Special Education)
Good, Lisa

(Special Education)

McPhee, Aimie

(Special Education)

Mott, Liz
(Special Education)
Stevens, Anthony
(Driver Education)
McKelvey, Sarah
 Nelson, Laura

Support Staff

Clemence, Cindy
Coffrin, Mary
Evans, Diane
Fields, John


Gregoropoulos, Jessica

(Special Ed. Secretary)

Harris, Nadja
Hirschman, Kim
(Para Ed./Academic Support)
Joslyn, Barbara
(Library Assistant)
Pierson, Erica
Roy, Leanna


Sherman, Amy
(Para Ed./Special Ed.)
Smith, Bernadette
(Admin. Assistant to Student Services)
Smith, Karen
Swaan, Ellionna         (Para-educator)
 Wood, Rose
Wright, Heidi