Up, Up and Away!


Oxbow’s 8th grade science students demonstrate the relationship between temperature, volume and pressure with several successful launches of the tissue paper hot-air balloons they created.

Oxbow Students Commemorate Those Lost to School Violence

In a brief ceremony on March 14, students gathered at the flagpole at 10:00 a.m. to light 17 candles and maintain 17 minutes of silence in honor of all students who have been victims of violence in U.S. schools, including the 17 recently killed in Florida.

Fire & EMS Exploring Open House

There will be an informational open house at 7:00 p.m. on March 22 for any students interested in joining the Fire & EMS Exploring group.


For more information, contact Chief Wayne Knott, Groton Fire Department, at 802-584-3243.


Check out the wide world of Exploring at www.exploring.org .

Calling All Poets!

Upper Valley High School Trail Corps



Are you a high school student, or know one, who wants to work on trails and
have fun in the outdoors this summer? If so, come join the Upper Valley
High School Trail Corps this July.  Applications are due May 15 and can be found at www.uvtrails.org.

Seniors vs. Faculty

In what has become a new tradition at Oxbow, the Senior class will take on the Faculty in a basketball game on Wednesday, March 14 at 6:00 p.m. During halftime, the annual Mr./Ms Oxbow competition will be held. (If you’ve never attended a Mr./Ms Oxbow pageant, you are in for a treat.)  In honor of Pi Day (March 14 = 3.14), there will also be a pie bake sale fundraiser during the event.

In past contests, the Seniors have not been able to rise to the level of play displayed by the Faculty. Come out on March 14th and let’s see if the Class of 2018 can change that. 😉

Attend the Governor’s Institute of Vermont this Summer


Oxbow is looking for students interested in attending
The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont is a week to two week summer program with students from high schools across the state and is open to all students who will be in grades 9 – 11 next year.

Last summer Oxbow sent Zoe Barton and Tyrus Rosten. The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont provides prestigious, fun, accelerated learning residencies on college campuses for highly-motivated Vermont teenagers.

While each Institute is unique, they share some similarities: they’re all residential, so you live on a college campus and have access to all the resources the college provides, from state-of-the-art labs to studios; they’re all hands-on intense bursts of learning and fun, where you and your new friends who share your interests explore topics in-depth with leading professionals in the field; and they’re a chance to try something new, make lasting memories with new friends, and learn more than you can imagine!

For more info or to apply online visit https://www.giv.org/



Oxbow held its annual Poetry Out Loud competition on Tuesday, February 6. Nineteen  students each presented two memorized poems for a chance to go on to the regional competition. Winners of the regional round go on to the state finals, and the state winner represents Vermont at the national competition in Washington D.C.

Third Place went to Danielle Gordon (left). Second place went to Hannah Giesing (center). Our first place winner — for the third consecutive year — is Eliza Goodell (right).

The National Honor Society Winter Carnival Food Drive


The National Honors Society Winter Carnival Food Drive is in full swing! Already, we have delivered a load of food to the Piermont and Topsham Food Shelves and are wrapping up this week’s drive, headed to the Newbury Food Shelf. Next week, we will be collecting food for to the Bradford Food Shelf.

We are asking for specific items that are in high demand at the food shelves this year. These items are ALSO worth more points towards Winter Carnival games! Items include:

– brown rice
– whole grain pasta (no ramen, please)
– 100% fruit juice
– applesauce
– baby formula
– peanut butter
– hearty canned stews
– granola bars

Thanks to all who have contributed so far, and to those who haven’t, there is still time!

Let the games commence!