How  the  Oxbow/RBCTC  School  Board  Functions:

We  promote  positivity,  respect  and  integrity  amongst  ALL  persons  associated  with  Oxbow  High  School  and  River  Bend  Career  and  Technology  Center.

We  follow  a  Chain  of  Command:

  • Discussion  with  the  individual  (teacher  or  other  building  professional)
  • If  not  satisfied,  discussion  with  the  building  Principal
  • If  not  satisfied,  discussion  with  the  OESU  Superintendent
  • If  not  satisfied,  appeal  to  the  Oxbow/RBCTC  School  Board

We  communicate  through  Facebook  or  other  social  media  that  is  directly  linked  to  our  website.

If  community  members  send  e-­‐mails  to  the  Board  and/or  an  individual  Board  member,  we  respond   saying  “Thank  You  for  your  comment”

As  Board  members  active  in  the  community:

  • We  are  a  board  of  6  people;  we  do  not  independently  act  alone
  •  We  cannot  engage  in  conversation  about  specific  issues  as  that  may  compromise  the   integrity  of  Board  agenda  items
  •  We  direct  people  to  the  appropriate  person(s)  to  contact  at  Oxbow  and/or  RBCTC  if   members  of  the  community  need  assistance
  •  We  do  not  speak  poorly  of  or  comment  publicly  about  other  Board  members,   Administration,  Staff  and/or  Community  members

The  board  responsibility  is  to  approve  policies  and  a  budget.    The  administra7on’s  responsibility  is  to   implement  board  approved  policies  by  developing  processes  and  procedures  and  by  submitting  a   proposed  budget  to  the  board.    Following  these  guidelines,  board  micromanagement  is  eliminated.

We  encourage  and  welcome  Community  involvement  at  Oxbow  High  School  and  Riverbend  Career  and   Technology  Center  by:

  • Volunteering
  •  Participating  in  a  variety  of  committees
  • Attending  public  presentations/performances/activities At  our  Board  meetings:
  • The  Board  decisions  are  driven  by:  our  students,  our  vision,  our  educational  facility,  an   obligation  to  those  who  elected  us,  state,  and  federal  legislation
  • Board  meetings  are  held  in  public  session  to  provide  the  public  knowledge  of  the   happenings  at  OHS/RBCTC.  To  be  efficient  there  is  minimal  back  and  forth  discourse   with  the  public;  there  may  me  need  for  input  from  members  of  the  community  and   that  will  be  solicited  from  the  Board
  • There  is  always  time  allotted  for  Public  Comment  at  a  Board  meeting.
  • To  ensure  an  organized  meeting  agenda:  If  a  non-­‐Board  member  would  like  to  be  on   the  Board  agenda  he/she  must  contact  the  OESU  office  by  12:00  pm  on  the  Friday   prior  to  a  scheduled  Board  meeting  with  a  stated  purpose.  Board  members  need  to   contact  the  Chair  with  agenda  items  by  12:00  pm  on  the  Friday  prior  to  a  scheduled   meeting.
  • Not  all  comments  from  the  Public  need  a  response  or  counter;  Board  Chair  may   determine  if  a  comment  requires  more  attention  for  a  future  agenda  and  we  thank  the   community  for  their  input

The  Vision  of  the  Oxbow/RBCTC  School  Board  is:    A place of excellence where students can achieve their full potential (adopted 2013).

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