Attend the Governor’s Institute of Vermont this Summer


Oxbow is looking for students interested in attending
The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont is a week to two week summer program with students from high schools across the state and is open to all students who will be in grades 9 – 11 next year.

Last summer Oxbow sent Zoe Barton and Tyrus Rosten. The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont provides prestigious, fun, accelerated learning residencies on college campuses for highly-motivated Vermont teenagers.

While each Institute is unique, they share some similarities: they’re all residential, so you live on a college campus and have access to all the resources the college provides, from state-of-the-art labs to studios; they’re all hands-on intense bursts of learning and fun, where you and your new friends who share your interests explore topics in-depth with leading professionals in the field; and they’re a chance to try something new, make lasting memories with new friends, and learn more than you can imagine!

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