The Oxbow Chapter of the National Honor Society was given its charter in 1986 and held its first induction ceremony in the spring of 1986. Membership in the National Honor Society represents the highest honor which can be bestowed on a high school student. The mission of all chapters is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the nation’s students.
Students are selected for membership by a faculty council which is appointed by the Principal. This council consists of five voting members and the honor society advisor.

When may I become a member? – In the spring of your sophomore or junior year.

What must I do? – Fulfill the four criteria for membership:

Scholarship – Have a 3.2 cumulative grade average from the beginning of grade 9.
Character – Promptly meet individual responsibilities, demonstrate highest standards of honesty, reliability, fairness, tolerance and cooperation. (Character is not based on mere personality, nor on minor incidents, unless they are repeated so as to indicate a definite pattern of behavior.)
Service – Use time, effort and talents in activities which help individuals, groups, the school and the community.

Leadership – Take a constructive lead in the classroom and in other school and outside activities, be involved in positions of responsibility, and contribute and work towards developing constructive ideas which improve the school and community.

What Steps Do I Take For Membership? At the designated time, a student who has the required scholastic average will be given an honor society information questionnaire. If the student desires to be considered for selection and feels he/she meets all the criteria, he/she will complete the information sheet and return it to an advisor on or before the due date. The faculty council will then meet to make the selection of new members. These new members will be inducted into the Honor Society at a ceremony in the Spring to which parents and friends are invited.