Oxbow’s International Travel Club is committed to providing affordable travel experiences for all of Oxbow’s students. The intention is to expand students’ understanding of the world and of themselves by exposing them to new and diverse experiences. The club has been in operation, in one capacity or another, for over a decade. Trips generally tend to occur every two years, though may occur more or less frequently dependent upon student and staff interest. Trips are open to Juniors and Seniors only.

More recently the students visited London and Paris with Ms. Richardson in 2013. In 2014 students traveled to Mexico with Ms. McKelvey and Mr. Goodell. Highlights from the Mexico trip included a guided tour of an open-air market, a cooking class, visits to underground caves called cenotes, and tours of a Mayan nature reserve, as well as ancient Mayan ruins. Another trip may be planned as early as Spring of 2016. Please speak with Ms. McKelvey if you are interested in joining the club.