The Oxbow ECO Club is a great group of enthusiastic students who work together to make our school and community a greener place. The club gathers regularly with meetings advertised in advance during the morning announcements, and new students are welcome to join at any time. We generally have a group of about 10-15 students at each meeting, depending on the day, and spend our time working on student-led environmental efforts as well as brainstorming new ideas and developing plans to put them into action.

Each year a student writes a grant through the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District for up to $2,500. In the past, we have received funding for two refillable water stations that count how many plastic bottles we have kept out of the waste stream, clothing racks for the cafeteria so students and staff can bring in clothing and footwear for others to take, metal forks for the cafeteria, and purple tablecloths for events so we don’t throw paper tablecloths away after every event. (These are housed in the FACS classroom and are available for any school function.)

We have picked up trash in town, held after school sewing events for students to make a reusable grocery bag out of an old grain bag, made little pouches out of used Capri Sun juice packs, put together Tiny Libraries for our school and our elementary schools and help with the compost collecting at lunch.

In 2016, one student member went above and beyond to take her own original idea and turn it into a reality.  After writing a grant and being selected as a recipient, the students put her plan into action, ordering dozens of apple trees and fruit-bearing bushes for the school.  Students from local elementary schools were then invited to join our Oxbow sophomores for the day, planting a beautiful orchard that we will all enjoy for generations to come!

Do you have an idea to make our school more environmentally friendly?  If so, ECO Club wants you!  Join us and become a student-leader for a greener future at Oxbow.