A safe, orderly environment is necessary to support student achievement. A coordinated effort among students, parents, educators and community members will keep our schools safe. Through study, planning, education and follow-up, Oxbow High School will continue to be a safe environment that supports student learning.

These are some of the steps we have taken to ensure safety at Oxbow Union High School:

1. Training for students and staff members: We list this item as No. 1 because creating a welcoming environment is the first step to a safe school. If students and staff members know they’re valued and feel a sense of belonging and pride, it helps establish a safe place of learning. We train students and staff members on how to handle various crisis situations and explain the importance of being proactive to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Staff will continue to be trained annually about the VT mandate, Act One, http://www.ncavt.org/index.php?id=257

2. Positive Behavior Interventions; RENAISSANCE: Oxbow High School has implemented a program called RENAISSANCE, which encourages and recognizes students who exemplify positive behavior and help others to do the same. Students are rewarded for living the Renaissance way, which instills a culture of tolerance and quality behavioral traits.

3. Video cameras: Video cameras are installed in key places on the exterior of the school to ensure the safety of students and staff members.

4. Police liaisons: Oxbow High School works closely with Bradford Town Police, Orange County Sheriffs and the Vermont State Troopers. Those officers are readily available to maintain security, respond to dangerous instances and educate students, parents/guardians and staff members.

5. Crisis plans: Every month, O.H.S. performs various crisis drills to make sure we’re prepared for various crisis situations. We are also completing an annual school safety audit with local and state officials.

6. Communication: We have added an additional New Safety Incident Reporting & Tracking System (Safe Schools Alert). Keeping our parents/guardians and community members informed is a top priority at Oxbow High School. In the event of an emergency, Oxbow uses a system called Alert Now to inform parents/guardians and community members of a crisis through a phone message.

7. Monitoring the buildings: Throughout the day, staff members monitor the halls to ensure security and that students are on task. There is also staff assigned before and after school. Students also provide constant feedback regarding concerns they have, and every rumor is treated seriously and is fully investigated.

8. Check-in system: Visitors to Oxbow High School must provide their name and who they’re visiting when they enter the school. They also must wear a visitor badge.

9. Guidance and Administrators: Guidance counselors and school administrators are always available to speak with students who need guidance and support. Those student services provide an opportunity for students to seek assistance in dealing with various difficult situations. These relationships are critical to ensuring the safety of our schools. Guidance and administrators also help to prevent bullying and harassment behavior. Behavior of this kind is not tolerated at Oxbow High School, and a hotline has been established to report such incidents (Safe Schools Alert). Anyone who wishes to make an anonymous report can call the hotline at 1-855-4ALERT1, or Oxbow High School at 802-222-5214.

We value safety highly at Oxbow High School, and we work daily to implement steps to keep students and staff members safe. If you have questions regarding the security and safety measures at Oxbow, please call O.H.S. Principal Jean Wheeler at 802- 222-5214.

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