2018-2019 Bus Schedule for Oxbow High School





2018-2019  BUS ROUTES

For further information, please contact Butler’s Bus Service at 603-787-6925.  Listed below is a brief statement regarding rules for the transportation of students followed by the bus routes.

The daily transportation of the area students is a privilege accorded by the school system and complies with statutory requirements regarding such transportation.  To provide maximum safety, each eligible student riding the school bus shall conform to the regulations as established:

  1. Not occupy any position that would interfere with the bus driver’s vision.
  2.  Remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion.
  3. Not place bundles, books etc., in the aisles or step well or in front of the emergency door of the bus. Any parcel a student brings on the bus must fit in their lap and cannot be higher than the back of the seat facing the student. 
  4. Follow the same standards of conduct and courtesy that are expected in the classroom or as prevail for the school system.

 (Students must have permission to ride another bus.  A “pass” must be given by an authorized person before a student can ride on another bus.)


Route #1:   Bus starts on Bowen Road almost to Newbury/Corinth Town line at 6:25.  Turn around and proceed North to the Swamp Road and on to Jefferson Hill Road. Turn onto Scotch Hollow Road to Crusher Hill Road then to Newbury Center Road and North Road at 7:11 back onto Scotch Hollow, then proceeds to Newbury Elementary School at 7:30 and south on Rte. 5 to Oxbow High School. (Bus # 300)

Route #2:   Bus starts Brock Hill Road/North Road at 6:51 a.m.  Proceeds south on North Road turn left on Tucker Mtn Road 7:00, take right onto Tyler Farm Road turn onto Rogers Hill Road, down to the O’Gorham Road turn left back onto Tyler Farm Road.  Turn right onto Snake Road at 7:12 to West Newbury Post Office to Moore Hill Road, take a right onto Peach Brook Road then take a left back onto Snake Road continue to the end.  Turns left onto Rte. 5 and proceeds to Newbury Elementary School, at 7:30 then south on Rte. 5 to Oxbow High School. (Bus # 295)

Route #3:   Bus starts at Conway Trucking in Wells River at 6:25 a.m., proceed south on Route 5 take a right onto Scotch Hollow Road turn right onto Wallace Hill Road at 6:35 proceed to the end take a left onto Route 302 West to Boltonville Road, cross bridge and turn around continue back down Route 302 East, turn right onto Leighton Hill Road at 7:05.  Proceed to end of Leighton Hill take a left onto Scotch Hollow Road take a left onto Perini Road at 7:24, turn around and get back onto Scotch Hollow Road East to Newbury Elementary School, pick up Village Oxbow Students at Newbury Elementary School at 7:30,  then proceeds south on Rte.5 to Oxbow High School. (Bus # 296)


Route #4:   Bus starts at South Road at 7:00 a.m. then proceeds west on South Road to 4882 South Road at 7:12 turns around then onto Branch Road.  Turns left onto Rowell Brook then left onto Cross Road at 7:22 proceeds back to South Road east at the junction and continues down South Road, take left onto Kidder Road to turnaround, onto Rt 25 then High Street & along North Pleasant Street at 7:35 then proceed to Oxbow High School and Bradford Elementary School.  PM only: Bus turns left at Rowell Brook Road off South Road, stops at Cross Road and continues down Rowell Brook Road to Route 25. (Bus # 297)

Route #5:   Bus starts at 7:05 a.m. at the Salomaa Residence goes East on Rt 25, take left up Wright’s Mt Road go left onto Fulton Road, left onto Flander Brook Road at 7:18 to Route 25 east, take a right onto Kenyon Road, turn around at Tillotson Residence at 7:25, return to Rt 25 East.  Take left onto Route 25B picking up at Appleton Street, Water Box and White Apartments, proceed to Oxbow High School and Bradford Elementary School. (Bus # 298)

Route #6:   Bus starts at 7:15 a.m. at the Bradford Elementary School, proceeds north on Fairground Road at intersection veer left around corner, becomes Goshen Road East. Turn around at T past Old Goshen Church 7:22. Take Goshen back down to Summer Street turns onto Bank Street picking up from Subway 7:35, to Rail Road Street.  Proceeds to Oxbow High School and Bradford Elementary School. (Bus # 306)

Route #7: Bus starts at 6:58 at Old Route 5, then 7:05 picking up from the Legion stop to Cobblestone Alley on Rt 25B, takes left onto Route 25 to Saddleback Road at 7:10, contrinues East to Route 5 South, to Lake Morey Road at 7:15, turn around at Town Road return to Rt 5 South turn around at Pratt’s Propane, get back onto Route 5 North to Huntington Terrace continue on 5 North take a right onto RT 25 to Whistle Stop at 7:30, back onto Route 5 North, pick up at stops before Subway, picks up on Upper Plain Rt 5 North, to Blue Spruce turnaround at 7:37 & then turn into Oxbow for drop off/pickup, proceed to Bradford Elementary School. (Bus # 294)


Route #8: Bus starts at 6:30 a.m. East Topsham Village- Willey Hill Road, to Rte. 302 West then take a left onto Rte.25 East.  Stops at Gramps Store at 6:45 and at the Waits River Store then turns around at the East Corinth Store at 6:50. Proceed on Rte. 25 West to Monty’s Garage, takes a left up Brook Road, take a right on Center Road at 7:05, then left down Cookville Road,which turns into Goose Green Road to Iron Bridge at 7:15.  Go right on Rte.25 East and on to Oxbow High School. (Bus # 299)